One day we will burn.

Want to hear something "neat"?

I met a girl. Her name is Mari, and I think she's awesome.

Yeah, I thought you all would find that somewhat entertaining as well. I made $80 last night hustling people at pool, HA. Methinks I could actually be making a living as a pro pool hustler. The only things missing would be benefits and a retirements plan. // But no big deal. I play pool for the hell of it, and it rocks to make some cash on the side. I think I'm going to loosen up on it though before it consumes me, and I'll be properly labelled a "junkie."


PS. What is up with Bush going power hungry?
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What a busy busy day.

Wow. I haven't updated this thing in a while. // Maybe even a little more than that. It feels good to have my computer set up again and my AIM back. It also feels damn good to be up and on my feet again.

Oh, and it was Kate's birthday today. Yeah, it's the 12th. Here I am thinking it was the 21st. *Smacks forehead* So I did what I could with the time I had. It really sucked, but I did all I could. I'm sorry. Happy birthday though anyway. *Sulks*

My mother cooked dinner for us tonight. I forgot how good her cooking was, but I guess that's what's to expect when you don't live with her for 6 years. She made this really amazing chili. I know that doesn't seem like much, but when you have my mother's chili and a veggie roll to dunk in it, it's fucking awesome.

I wish I had more to update on. Like how confusing and unrealistic my life has become, but I'll hold that for another update.

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Bound through bonds that cannot break.

Wow, that Megan girl stopped by here after she got off work, at 2. I felt kind of flattered that she remembered who I was since I only met her briefly. She told me how things there were going, how my boss complained about my absence almost constantly. I told her that I was moving and am putting my two weeks in tomorrow. // Which I don't believe to do much good because I can't very well work any of those 2 weeks. *Shrugs his shoulders* It's just the proper/professional thing to do.

I took yesterday off to try to console a friend of mine about his ex.girlfriend. They were going out for almost a year, and then he broke up with her. He thought everything would be fine, and I just sat back and counted to 3 'til he cracked. Sure enough, he did. He misses the hell out of her. She would do so many sweet things for him, be at his beckon call, and just gave her heart and soul to this guy. // Made me almost jealous at the time that I wasn't with someone like that. I tried to tell him this before they even broke up. I warned him not to lose her because girls like that are hard to come by. "How many girls would wake up earlier than they had to just to make you breakfast?," I asked him. "How many girls would show up in a Mrs. Claus suit to work on Christmas Eve to bring you cookies and a present?!?" Then he just let it go. // He let her go, and now he's lost. I couldn't tell him "I told you so." I think the only advice I gave him was that if he loved her, missed her, and she was that good to him, then he needed to get her back - no matter what the cost. He said he'd keep me updated, but I know he's not going to do it. He doesn't have it in him. Besides, guys are prideful: We won't admit when we need someone, especially an ex girlfriend, in our lives. *Wink*

Anyway, my ribs are healing, although they still hurt like a sonofabitch. // Yes, that is one word if you say it fast enough. I watched a few movies while couch laying - Donnie Darko, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Sorority Boys, and then other ones that just flashed on the tv: The Godfather, 10 Things I Hate About You, She's All That, and some other chick.flick's that came on in a bunch. // I couldn't reach the remote, I swear.

I'm going to go make a hamburger and sit back on the throne.

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You only feed the flames.

It was so fucking hard to get out of bed this morning. You couldn't even imagine. Those days when I said I didn't hurt are kicking me in the ass now and going, "Oh, We're sorry, we forgot. *Pain pain pain*." My ribs are swollen, and worst of all, it's only on one side. I only look fat on one side, hah. I'm glad I go to the doctor tomorrow. // Maybe they can tell me why I'm swelling. I'm sure the response will be, "You're healing." I'm not complaining.

I helped Kate re-do the look of her journal. I enjoyed it. Later on today I'll make the picture look more journally than just a picture. I mean, I like the blending of the freaky swing and her face, but I think I'm going to put a quote over it and maybe something around the edges. I'd also like to try to incorporate some red in it to match the rest of the colors. Or, I could just make the red on the journal shades of grey. *Scraches his chin and thinks* But I do like the red on the journal because it matches the LJ Userpic. Suggestions welcome.

You know, I'm glad things are turning around and working with Jade. It's rockin'. *Devil horns*. She's coming over to Mike's today and being a sweetheart and bringing me movies and lunch. Isn't that nice? It's awesome to have good friends when you're sickly. *Wink* // Especially when you get free movies and lunch!! Who can argue with free?! :)

You know what my days consist of around this place? Me and my charcoal pencil sketching whatever's on T.V. My life is couch, bathroom, couch, couch, kitchen, couch, bathroom, couch, computer, bathroom, computer, couch, etc. I hate being out of work and not being able to go anywhere or do anything. It drives me out of my skin. Not only do I feel like I'm wasting my life away, I feel like one of those old f a t guys in their late 40's, sitting around in their dirtied wife.beaters scrunched up to their manboobs and shorts with their stomach hair curling around each other with my brown loafers and black knee.high socks up, scratching myself and watching football. Granted that's far from what I look like or do, I still feel like I'm becoming one of the "Big Al's." *Shivers in disgust with himself*. God God Damnit.

I guess it's shower time. An update might be in store later though. I know, hold your excitement. Oh, and does anyone have any good quotes to scroll across the picture for Kate's Journal? Thanks.

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Oh Goddamnit, I think I've lost it.

And I thought I hated hospitals before. Now, I know I hate the damned things. Who actually enjoys being strapped in a bed, in a dark room, silence, with needles all over you. It's one of the most vulnerable spots in the world. I swear one night I almost flew out of my bed. // What I would have done past that point I do not know.

So I'm at Mike's right now. Guess I'm going to have to be here for a while. I talk to my mom tomorrow about my living situation. I might be staying there for a while. I am 26, yet, my mommy is making me come home. *Shuffles feet* Geez.

I'm glad that Jade and I are finally friends. God knows it took long enough. ;) Meanie.

You know what my bitch ass "doctor" did? // Well, "didn't do", I mean. He didn't give me any pain killers. I'm stuck here chewing on Tylenol. No wonder I'm so beat. *Streches*

Hey, maybe me being here will result in pictures. *Looks at himself right now*. Or maybe I can save those for later.

Help: Kentucky here I come? *Sighs*

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That's right. I'm dangerous.

Shh...I snuck to the backroom at work to see if livejournal was up and running, and IT IS! It's about damn time. My computer was having a complete and total meltdown last night I couldn't even breathe.

Well, I'm gonna get heading back! They'll never notice all the powder on the keyboard, I swear. :) I'll update when I get home.

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I think I saw the sky tonight.

I had a good time at work today. // First time in a long time. I met a girl named Megan, and she seemed pretty cool. I got the chance to talk over lunch with her today because she may be getting a job there. I was pretty pumped. It's not too often that you get along real well with your co.workers on the first day. We went out and shot some pool too. First time I've won in about 4 years!! // Is it wrong that I didn't let her win? :)

I'm very interested in people. I think I should have gone into psychology. I want to know where everyone is in their life, what they've done, what they're doing, what they plan to do...just everything. I'm so intriguied at the fact that we're all so different. *Happy spasm*. It's not too late to change job professions.

My mother called me today. She's being a hanous bitch. I hate it when she gets in one of her "moods". Is this an all female thing because I've seen a lot. Guys don't get in "moods". *Hmph*.

I drew a picture today. // Out of charcoal. I really liked the way it looked. I think I'm gonna hang it on the wall. :) If I had a scanner I'd show you all, but alas, I don't. :( *Jots down: Next investment - scanner*.


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Can' Must go to bed.

I plan on pulling a late night tomorrow for those of you who felt desperate enough to talk to me. Maybe I can score a Yahoo! Game out of it too once I get my java applets working. :)


// Update tomorrow, I promise.
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